Yoga Fit,  International Inc.

March 1999,Level 1 Teaching Certificate

Anonymous Yoga founded 2012

A method of yoga and 12 step processes blended together to help people suffering from addictions.


Chutney Berry has been studying yoga since 1996.  She discovered her passion for yoga after she overcame addiction to alcohol and drugs.   She has been drug free for over 24 years and has been teaching ever since.  She currently has translated her experience with addiction into teaching yoga to the recovery community on a professional basis.  Her motivation for teaching has always been to elevate and lift others.  There have been many twists and turns in the yoga journey through the various styles of Ashtanga, Power, Vinyasa, Hatha, Anusara and Recovery yoga. Currently she teaches Kundalini Yoga and for the past 7 years has studied with Tej who was Yogi Bhajan's archivist. She honors the tradition of Kundalini yoga passed down by Yogi Bhajan and teaches in that lineage.  She will tell you in a heart beat that she has "arrived home" with the Kundalini yoga tradition. "There is something very positive about a yoga practice that initiates no one, acknowledges all people, all souls, having the right to seek their origins, and does not preach Dependence on the outsides for power, acknowledgement or approval."

Awards & Recognition

Experience! Education! Enthuiasm!

Kundalini Research Institute

Level 1 Teachers Certificate (May 2014)

Anusara Teachers Training 800 hr

March 2004 - January 2012

Yoga Alliance 200hr RYT

February 2002

Center For Yoga Teaching Certificate

January 2002

   Yoga Instructor