Yoga Instructor

Anger is fuel. This 3 minute pranayama is a great way to change negative anger to positive energy.

Box Breath - Find a comfortable seat.  Close your eyes and turn them up toward the 3rd eye point.  Inhale nose for 4 counts, hold 4 counts, exhale 4 counts and hold four counts. - This will bring you clarity, alertness and balance.

Perspective and Emotional Balance by Yogi Bhajan - Useful for letting go of worries. Change your perspective relax your brain with this 3 minute pranayama.

Breath of Fire - releases toxins, cleans the blood, expands lung capacity, reduces cravings and impulses, boosts immune system.. This 3 minute pranayama will help strengthen the connection to a power greater than ourselves.

Ridding of Self Animosity Breath by Yogi Bhajan - Come to a comfortable seat and keep the upper torso straight, without rocking back and forth. Draw the hands into fists and point the thumbs straight up.  Press the fists together so that the thumbs and middle knuckles  are touching.  Fix the eyes at the tip of the nose.  Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, inhale deeply smoothly through the mouth and exhale through the nose. Repeat.  Continue for 3 minutes building up to 11 minutes.  To end, stretch the arms over head, keep them stretched as you take 3 more deep breaths.  This breath gives you constant support of the core self.


This 3 minute pranayama will help relieve tiredness and bring you clarity.

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