Kundalini Yoga sets for your personal sadhana (practice). Downloads here

   Yoga Instructor

Please email Chutney for suggestions on developing your own practice within the privacy of your own home. Include any requests for meditations, breathing exercises or kriyas. 

Yoga can be used for any behavior that can't be controlled.  Anonymous Yoga is a method used to enhance the 12 step recovery process.  The focus is on the recovery.  We use the yoga practice to accelerate and deepen our recovery.  Our recovery depends on a spiritual foundation.  We shift the focus off the disease and onto the solution.  We look for the similarities and move away from the fault finding mind.  Anonymous Yoga cooperates with AA principles.  Our primary focus is to stay sober and help other addicts/alcoholics to achieve sobriety.  Alcoholism is called "ism" because it is alive and functioning and needs to be treated.  Addiction is not just a word, but a living mind powered, ego driven disease.   Have a meeting today, or start one yourself! Contact Chutney for booking and information.


Unlock the Heart Center and open to Courage
 "Its not the life that matters but the Courage you bring to it." YB  This set is the antidote to fear.  Fear is a constrictive energy. We make ourselves small by worrying and being afraid to be ourselves.

Trust and expand. Cultivate the authentic you and dare to be yourself. Lets stop being afraid to be different!